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Other things to know about me...

  1. My name is Kristin (with an I).

  2. It’s all in the details: In this business, details can ruin a deal. Whether in contracts to buy or sell, or a toilet seat that isn’t closed in a photo - seriously, this is unacceptable - I make sure that my clients are protected.

  3. I am honest. I trust my gut. If I have a bad feeling about a place, I will tell you. I am not here to make a quick sale. I truly want what’s best for my clients.

  4. You are the star. What you have to say is important. This might mean that I am quiet, I am analyzing and processing, but it doesn’t mean I can’t get loud when necessary - see next.

  5. I am stubborn - yep, super stubborn. I will fight until I get what is best for my clients. I am also a Certified Negotiation Expert.

  6. I know the Montreal housing and condo market really really well. I don’t mean memorizing statistics, I mean actual feet on the street with a pulse of the market. This is super important in your success whether buying or selling. Sometimes the market can vary city to city, borough to borough and even street to street. If there are multiple offers happening where you are trying to buy or sell, you need to know this!! And, If you are buying or selling in an area where I am not an expert, I will gladly refer you to one of my trusted colleagues. I want you to have a great experience!

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